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Carey Davis, Super Bowl champion and former Illini football star, has joined Randy Karraker every morning from 7AM-10AM! ‘The Opening Drive’ will be your home for all sports talk in the morning on 101 ESPN!

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MLB Network, Apple TV+ analyst Chris Young

Chris joins Randy & Carey before calling tonight’s Apple TV+ broadcast to talk about how he’s been watching for these games for weeks now as the 60/700 chase continues on both coasts, if he would’ve believed the chase for 700 years ago playing with Pujols in LA, how helpful it can be for Pujols to have young players around him, what’s it like–first hand–to have Arenado completely rob you of a hit, why Chris is rolling with his original pick of the cardinals over the other top MLB teams and why the Cardinals blend of vets and rookies has been so successful and will help i the playoffs.

Mizzou Football RB Cody Schrader

Transfer and incredible story Cody Schrader joined Randy & Carey to talk about making the big jump up to Mizzou and the SEC, the moment in his high school career when he knew he could make it at the college game, if he grew up as a big Mizzou fan, learning and getting better in pass pro, if he and Brady have a friendly competition on the rushing yards lead and his thoughts before a big game against Auburn.

Aaron Judge's personal hitting coach, Richard Schenk

STL-native and hitting coach to a soon-to-be MLB legend, Richard Schenk joins Randy & Carey to talk about how he first starting breaking down film, how that led to him becoming a hitting coach, how he took the jump from coaching his sons to coaching an AL MVP, what the biggest piece of advice he would share with a young hitter, getting to watch Aaron Judge hit one live in Yankee Stadium and how owning a pool hall has revolved around all this the whole time.

Former PGA Pro Jay Delsing

Jay joins “The Opening Drive” to talk about how the fall weather can affect both your game as a casual player and what to watch for when the pro are out there, how the latest stage of the cold war between PGA & LIV could go, Greg Norman’s unbelievable obstinance, Jay’s thoughts on Monahan’s handling of this LIV situation as commissioner and how the US team is looking for the President’s Cup despite the defections to the LIV tour.

Lindenwood Football HC Jed Stugart

Coach Stugart joins Randy & Carey to talk abot last weekend’s big game, winning their first ever D1 Conference home game, to look forward to his weekend’s matchup and break down the kind of program that Lindenwood plans to be as they begin to map out their start in D1.

The Opening Drive – September 23rd, 2022

7:00 – Cardinals finally get a run across against an MLB pitcher, Jack Flaherty throws some fireballs in his 4th start since rehab and the Illini are back and rolling after last night

7:15 – Lindenwood Football HC Jed Stugart talks about their big conference home win and look football to this weekend’s matchup

7:30 – Jay Delsing talks about the biggest effects on PGA scoring and answers your golfing questions

7:45 – TIOLI

8:00 – Fresh Take: Flaherty settles in against a good Padres lineup and gives us some extra hope heading into the Dodgers

8:15 – What do you want to see from the Blues in the preseason?

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – OVER/UNDER on our CFB & NFL slates

9:00 – Today’s Big Thing: Can the Cardinals learn anything about themselves against the Dodgers?

9:15 – Richard Schenk, STL-native & Aaron Judge’s personal hitting coach on how the relationship started & what his most useful tips have been as a hitting coach

9:30 – Rock & Roll

9:45 – Mizzou RB Cody Schrader on making the jump to the SEC, knowing when he was ready for this level & getting ready for a big game vs. Auburn

10:00 – NFL Deep-dive previews:

Bills-Dolphins, Ravens-Pats, Jags-Chargers + Lions-Vikings, Packers-Bucs, Eagles-Commanders

10:15 – Can Clemson take down a strong Wake team? Will Texas A&M’s season end on Saturday? Where is the hope level for Mizzou fans?

10:30 – MLB Network & AppleTV+ analyst Chris Young talks about the chance to call a record-breaking moment and if the Cardinals can compete with the Top 4 teams in baseball

10:45 – What’s on tap?

2x Super Bowl Champion, Steelers Radio reporter Max Starks

Max joins his former teammate in Carey Davis and Randy to talk about his memories from this Steelers-Browns “rivalry” from his days on the field, making the transition to the media after retirement from the NFL, if the Steelers need to make a change at QB and the big matchups in tonight’s game between the Steelers and Browns.

The Athletic Blues insider, Jeremy Rutherford

JR joins Carey & Randy to talk about his latest article dropping this morning, looking at Blues G Jordan Binnington after last year’s up and down season, wondering if there are some Blues who could take a quick ride up to Busch stadium, how the blues might utilize the extra cap money from Scandella’s LTIR and previews the start of Blues Training Camp, beginning in just a few hours

MLB Network lead host, Greg Amsinger

Greg joins “The Opening Drive” to take the blame for the Cardinals lack of offense, talk about the record-breaking moments that are on the horizon with Aaron Judge & Albert Pujols , tip the cap to the Padres & Snell and break down why he’s calling this stretch the Cardinals “dog days of September”.

The Opening Drive – September 22nd, 2022

7:00 – Cardinals get shutout for the 3rd time again and haven’t tagged a pitcher for an ER in 4+ games…pretty sure i hear bus keys jangling

7:15 – Sick of it!! (I wonder what?)

7:30 – Greg Amsinger talks about Judge and Pujols going for history and the Cardinals’ recent struggles

7:45 – TIOLI

8:00 – Fresh Take: We hear from he fans about how bothered they are by the Cardinals’ mid-September doldrums

8:15 – Today’s Big Thing: Randy & Carey break down tonight’s TNF matchup, mostly by making fun of he Browns history in their “rivalry” with the Steelers

8:30 – The Fight

8:45 – Jeremy Rutherford talks about the opening of Blues Training Camp and his new article on Jordan Binnington

9:00 – *Thursday* with Waino talking about where the record-breaking ball from start 325 went, looking back at the near-ending of Waino’s career in SD back in ’18 & if the Cardinals are nervous after this recent stretch

9:30 – Rock & Roll

9:45 – 2x SB Champ & Steelers sideline reporter Max Starks talks Steelers-Browns on TNF, which you can hear tonight on 101ESPN