St. Louis Blues forward Robert Thomas joins The Opening Drive every week during the hockey season on 101 ESPN!

Friday, April 14th

Robert joined the show for the final time to talk about his thoughts on the Blues season, how he’s grown through the adversity of a tough season, why he prides himself on being a leader for this team going forward, what he thinks he improved on the most this season, why he doesn’t have his first tee time set just yet and a big thank you from the show for joining us this year.

Wednesday, March 29th

Robert joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about Vrana continuing to impress during his run of form, how they’ve dealt with the disappointment of being out of the playoff race, what the mindset is like when they’re playing well but out of the race, Neighbors having a big game on his birthday and what kind of diet Robert sticks to during the season.

Wednesday, March 22nd

Robert joined Randy, Carey & Brooke to talk about the impressive stretch from Joel Hofer between the pipes, what he’s continuing to see from Kappy & Vrana as they continue to find this way with the Blues, dealing with a tough year after a career almost entirely full of playoff and postseason chances, which big chain pizza place he’s taking first, his favorite thing to do during the offseason, is he’s thrown/broken any clubs on the course, getting to go to the CITY game this past week and the Blues chances to show CITY how it’s done the pitch.

Tuesday, March 14th

Robert joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about how quickly this season has gone with all the struggles, Jordan Kyrou breaking open this past weekend and how he’s continued to improve his overall game, a couple pointers he’s been giving on the center spot and bringing in some help on the nickname game.

Friday, March 10th

Robert joined Carey & Brooke to talk about last night’s win for the Blues, what he thought about Toropchenko’s addition to the top line, how important he was to that Krug goal, his thoughts on Vitale comparing his vision to an Owl, his interest in March Madness & preparing for a road matchup against the Blue Jackets.

Wednesday, March 1st

Robert joined Randy & Carey to talk about looking good in a cowboy hat, having people around who can’t be wrong being hilarious, breaking down his big short-handed goal in Tuesday night’s game, the season being a good learning process for him and the younger players, how odd it felt when he realized he was one of the more veteran players on the team, how they has changed his mindset and his thoughts on getting out for another road trip.

Friday, February 24th

Robert joined Carey & Randy and talks about his reaction to hearing Craig Berube’s post-game comments, why he’s holding himself accountable for his play, what being a leader on this team means to him, how tough it can be after losing teammates and what the Blues room is going to be like going forward.

Friday, February 10th

Robert joined Carey & Randy to talk about his extra-long break, the oddness of being in the building while the trade was going down, the tricky aspect of the mental preparation after a trade and during a tougher season, who he likes in the Super Bowl this weekend, why football has become his favorite sport since he came to the states and why his dad wanted him to pursue baseball when he was younger.

Wednesday, January 25th

Robert joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about how weak-ass this city is when it comes to our “Winter Storms”, his expectations for what a “big storm” looks like, growing up playing a lot of pond hockey in his neighborhood, struggling to always play with the older kids when he was little, how the build up and constant change out of injuries has made things tough, the struggles against the Blackhawks and Sabres, the mindset they have for closing out the schedule before the All Star Break and if his mentality has changed since he got the “A” on his chest.

Wednesday, January 18th

Robert joined for his weekly hit to talk about if his trash talk goes to a different level when he plays against the Tchachuk boys, if he’s ever gotten a point where he almost flew off into a fight, how helpful a moment like Neighbours fight can be to the mentality of the team and what the plan has been over these last two days before getting back into action.

Friday, January 13th

Robert joined Carey & Randy to talk about the particulars of sleep science, what happened on the turnover last night, the two sides to the same coin nature of that kind of play, how special it was to score a goal in that first game for a young fan he had just met, the connection that he’ll always have with Pat Maroon and getting ready for the matchup versus the Lightning.

Thursday, January 5th

Robert joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about the Blues current road trip logistics, if he feels added pressure with the lose of Vladdy & ROR, being excited about the opportunity to step up while they’re out, on the exhaustion from playing those opening 2 minutes of the 3v3, on Army’s comments about the young players coming up onto a team that isn’t playing good idea, the team’s reaction to Buch’s shootout goal and his bagel-based homework from Randy.

Wednesday, December 28th

Robert joined the show to talk about his unfortunate travel schedule from Christmas, how the Blues can start helping Binnington more, the experience of playing in Toronto and the other big cities, the need to plan better for the big holidays and looking forward to the extended home stand they have later this season.

Thursday, December 22nd

Robert joined the program to talk about his enjoyment of the Vegas weather, Carey’s challenge about Kyrou’s speed, his favorite way to hang out with the team on the trip, why he’s trusting no one with his money at the casino, his top Christmas song collection, if he’s a big holiday guy and his plans to go home for the holiday.

Wednesday, December 14th

Robert Thomas joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about the proper pronunciation of Calgary, if he was aware of his points streak that just got broken up, if he’s ever dealt with a winger complaining about his passes, watching Toews a lot growing up, the best chirper on the team being Borts or Binner, if Binner writes checks the rest of the team has to cash sometimes, what he saw from the improved effort against the Predators, what a “heavy game” means for his game on the ice and his favorite Christmas movies (including Diehard!)

Friday, December 9th

Robert joined Carey & Randy to talk about enjoying a rare Friday-Saturday off, the Blues getting together for a team Christmas party this weekend, a quick call out on Robert’s Christmas shopping strategy, if he ever gets a chance to check out the new cities he visits for games, how he’s hunting out new restaurants on these road trips and if he notices those moments where he needs to shoot the puck a little more.

Friday, December 2nd

RT joined Carey & Randy to talk about how much fun it is to get to work with Joey Vitale, why he’s rolling with a cheetah for his spirit animal, how you can transfer being fast to PLAYING fast, how the game continues to slow down for him despite the actually speed of the NHL game picking up since he got drafted, how quick it is to pick up new linemates, if they’re excited for the East Coast/New York trip, what he thinks about the Blues latest stretch of up-and-down play and the Pittsburgh stops that Carey wants him to try.

Tuesday, November 22nd

Robert joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about how much fun it is to get rolling on a streak like this, how easy Buchnevich makes his job that much easier, the oddity of Buch’s preferred puck, the boys getting an easier video session than usual with the mom’s in the room, never having a perfect game from Berube’s perspective, what Acciari brings to the game as a consistent and physical player, the plan for the Blues Thanksgiving, his favorite sides for the holiday and if he’s ever faced anything like the 77 inches of snow that Buffalo got this past weekend.

Friday, November 18th

Blues center Robert Thomas joined Alexa & Randy to talk about getting a chance to score a goal in front of his mom in Colorado, how special the mom’s trip was, the biggest difference in getting back on track during the win streak, keeping it low key on a Friday after a back-to-back, closing out games being the biggest thing to take away from this streak, his thoughts on the new sweaters, his plans for Thanksgiving this year & his favorite sides for the meal.

Wednesday, November 9th

Robert joined “The Opening Drive” to talk about the Blues continued struggles over the last two weeks, why he feels the team has been closer over the last couple of games, pressing their game and started to play out of character as a result, looking back to the struggles of 2019 to inform on this season, leaning on their leadership at the top of the team, the locker room still having each other back and how the loses have strengthened that feeling in some ways, which city he’s picking when he can plan a trip wherever he wants, focusing in on the hiking and golf on his vacations and who he might pick on when it comes to a rough golf game.

Wednesday, November 2nd

Robert joined Carey & Randy to talk about Halloween, how the locker room reacts to the kind of meetings they’ve had, if he feels comfortable stepping up and talking in those meetings, feeling bad when the goalie get blamed but they know it’s their play in front that’s hurting him, his thoughts on the matchup against the Islanders how the mood can start to drop and how you only need one play to kick start everything, being at rock bottom and having nowhere else to go but up and how it’s up to the players to make that big jump for the team.

Wednesday, October 26th

Robert joined Carey & Randy to talk about what his first thing he does whenever he gets back from a long road trip, knowing that Coach MacTavish was the last helmet-less madman & whether he would ever play that way, how he ended up with #18 and why he’s stuck with it, how different it feels when an all-start like McDavid & Draisaitl are across from you, keeping the same mindset no matter who you’re facing, if chemistry has ever been an issue with a line-mate, if team competitions naturally come up away from games, Robert’s advice to Carey on not breaking any bones during his first skating, if he’s picked up the cooking skills from his dad, why he’s confident in his cast-iron skills and his thoughts on another matchup versus the Oilers.

Friday, October 21st

Robert joined Alexa & Carey to talk about his and Jordan’s video game rivalry around Call of Duty, buying a cottage for the family to use all-year round with his new contract, how often his parents are able to come to his games (especially those Florida games…), his favorite part of being back in Canada with a couple off days, how tough it’s been to jump into the season at such a different pace & rhythm from the rest of the league and getting ready for a tough matchup against the Oilers.

Thursday, October 13th

Robert Thomas joined the show to talk about the Blues preseason trip to Charleston, his biggest takeaway from some of his teammates over the trip, why Nay-Dub hasn’t caught on just yet, his favorite non-hockey part of the trip, the Blues sporting some petty impressive golfers–and some bad ones, being able to bond with the coaching staff as well as the players, how it’s been killing him to watch other teams start their seasons, taking a little time to watch his friends around the league, crowdsourcing–or more accurately–chirping his friends around the league about moves and how they’re playing, the other players around the league that he’s close with, his level of excitement for this year and whether or not he won the golf tournament on the trip.

Thursday, October 6th

Robert Thomas joined Randy & Carey before the Blues face off with the Blue Jackets to talk about the big topic of the day–do you use a fork or spoon for you mac & cheese & do you support the usage of “Nay-Dub” for Nathan Walker…and then also the play of Walker and the other young guys, how it feels to be young while also picking up some leadership, the importance of the bonding trip between the preseason & start of the regular season, how his NFL fantasy season is going so far and getting ready for the final stretch before the regular season.

Wednesday, September 28th

Robert Thomas joined for the first of his weekly visits to talk about him and Jordan both getting big deals in this offseason, the biggest takeaways from his time with ROR, working on the 200FT parts of his game, getting antsy to get on the ice, preparing for this season during the preseason and if he still thinks about the 2019 cup run.

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