Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight : Francis Howell Girls Lacrosse Team


101 ESPN’s Senior Spotlight shines on Coach Lauren Ginn and the Francis Howell Girls Lacrosse Team

Please read on to hear Coach Ginn describe each of her student athletes, and what makes them so special.

Lucy Postal
Lucy has developed into a strong midfield player over the past 3 years. Her speed and aggresive offensive play is easily noticed on the field. Lucy was able to play a few varsity games last year during the sweet sixteen in state. She truly earned her place on varsity.

Allison Walters
Allison has grown into an incredible player even though this is Allison’s second year playing lacrosse. She is one of the most improved players I have seen in the last year. In addition to her skills, Allison bring something unique to the team. Allison’s bubbly and positive attitude puts everyone in a good mood. She always looks at life in a positive way.

Ashley Shank
Ashley has worked incredibly hard over the past 4 years. She continuously wants to improve her skills as a player. You can spot Ashley working on her shooting and passing outside of lacrosse practice multiple days out of the week. Ashley’s dedication is unwavering. This dedication becomes apparent during games. Her quick stick skills have become essential during games.

Taylor Flemons
Taylor is always smiling from ear to ear. Her upbeat and happy attitude is a great addition to the varsity team. Don’t let her sweet demeanor distract you from her aggressive defensive work. Taylor is quick on her feet and blocks anyone that is in her path.

Allison Boczkiewicz
Allison has had several obstacles with past injuries, but has never let that deter her from continuing to grow as an athlete. Her stick skills and field awareness has made her into a successful attack player. She always knows where to be on the field at the right time to score a goal.

Alejandra Munoz
Ally attended every open gym in the fall, winter, and spring. Her unwavering dedication to the sport has rightfully earned her a place on varsity. Ally was thrown into a different position than she has played in the past, but that did not deter her. She stepped up to the plate with grace and determination to succeed. Ally is a great example of how continuous hard work can pay off.

Hannah Shawar
Hannah’s position on the field is one that is rarely coveted, but she took that role head on. She is our goalie. Hannah has developed into an incredibly strong goalie. Her performance during the 2020 jamboree is a testament to how far she has come in the past 4 years. Not only has her skills sharpened, she has grown into a great leader.

Sierra Hayes
There is no person like Sierra Hayes. She is the hardest working person I have ever encountered. Sierra is a great representation of how an athlete should conduct themselves on and off of the field. She takes on every drill in practice like it is a real game situation with a pugnacious demeanor. Sierra is respectful of others, incredibly kind, and a serious athlete.

Jessica Hornberger
Jessica is a captain for varsity this year. It has been an honor seeing Jessica develop into the person and player she is today. She puts her heart and soul on to the field during games and practices. Her tenacious attitude pushes our team to be stronger together. Jessica makes the team better with her strong leadership skills.

Olivia Simmons
Olivia is one of the captains for Varsity this year. Her positive attitude and kind heart are infectious. She brings a smile to any person she encounters. Don’t let her friendly demeanor fool you, she dominates the field as a midfield and defensive player. Not many players can push through a whole team to bring the ball up to score. Olivia is playing lacrosse at Quincy University next year.

Faythe Price
Faythe is a captian for the 2020 Varsity team. She is hardworking, determined, and humble. Faythe is a natural when it comes to lacrosse. Her stick handling skills are hard to beat. She makes scoring a goal in an impossible angle look easy. I cannot wait to see her play at the college level at Oklahoma Baptist University next year.

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