Senior Spotlight

Senior Spotlight : Reece Rothfuss


101 ESPN’s Senior Spotlight shines on Reece Rothfuss of Duchesne High School

Please read on to hear Coach Michael Hollander describe what makes Reece so special …

Over the last four years, Reece has been our hardest working player. He has put the time in since he was a Freshmen. When he first came into our program as a freshman we never expected that he would ever play in the field at the varsity level. We figured he would have an opportunity to pitch for us, but not hit. He had a good arm, but he was slow and did not have much pop. During his freshman summer, we held workouts once a week. Reece was usually the only person who would show up in our whole program. Because of his work ethic, to my pleasant surprise, Reece won the starting 3B job by his junior season. He also hit in the 3 spot for most of the year. In addition to being in the starting lineup Reece was also a key contributor on the mound and relished the pressure situations. Reece was our “”go-to”” guy if a pitcher was in trouble or the pressure was high. He seemed to thrive in those situations, always wanting the ball.

Off the field, Reece is also involved in the community. He coaches the handicap basketball team that participates in the annual Pujols foundation basketball game every year. Coaching that team is the only reason he has missed any workouts over the past few years. I always enjoyed the pictures Reece would send to me from some of these events he would get to go to.

In the last 20 years at Duchesne High School, Reece has been the most consistent person in showing up to baseball offseason workouts, open gyms and any other opportunity there was to get better. Again this past offseason Reece put the time in, we were expecting a big year out of him and for him to be able to make some noise to help his college recruitment. It’s very unfortunate he does have that opportunity.

The impact Reece has made on the Duchesne baseball program goes far beyond the field. Because of his example, he is no longer the only person at optional workouts and with each new class that comes in that number grows all because of what he started. He may have been the most consistent player over the last 20 years but being at the top of that list won’t last for long as we have many players who understand what commitment is because of Reece. His example will make an impact for many many years.

Lastly, Reece will tell you and I have I told him he is not the most talented kid. Because of the work he has put in he has been able to compete at a high level. He knows without that work he would not play. However, when it comes to work ethic, competitive drive, and the ability to show up he is top class and I can’t wait to see how those skills translate for him as he continues in baseball, college, and life.

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