Small Talk

  • Road Trips and the Lemon/Lime Challenge

    Michelle’s on the road and shares stories from her travels including one famous place she can’t get down with. Plus she and Ceruti break down two very different movies: The Lobster and The Social Dilemma,…

  • Chris Long

    Michelle tries to convince Ceruti to do a workout challenge and she breaks down her first game as a Leicester fan, plus 2-time Super Bowl Champion and Fruit Draft Commissioner Chris Long stops by.

  • Fruit Draft and Love is Blind EPL Edition

    Ceruti has a tattoo question and Michelle finally got around to watching “Dave.” Plus, they have a fruit draft and close out with Michelle picking an English Premier League team “Love is Blind” style.

  • Public Proposals and Exotic Pets

    Michelle and Ceruti may have found an amazing nickname for the loyal listeners, plus how they feel about public proposals, exotic pets, being whipped in a relationship and more!

  • Tales from Iowa plus the GOAT cocktail

    Ceruti believes there’s only one drink that’s perfect for any occasion and Michelle recaps her trip to Iowa. What’s a walking taco? Is tubing only for the young? Plus does beer pong have too many…

  • Who’s More Basic?

    Michelle and Ceruti break down a weird new protein trend, birthday plans and going to a wedding. They play a game of “Who’s More Basic”, and talk Harry Styles and Zucchini in “Shout Out Corner.”

  • Feet Pics and Gross Word Draft

    Would you sell pictures of your feet? Michelle and Ceruti discuss. Plus the guys have a “Gross Word Draft” and close out with A+ Content.

  • Peak Boredom and AMA

    Ceruti lost power for 30 hours and struggled big time but Michelle thinks she has a worse boredom scenario, plus they get in touch with their Euro sides in a fresh edition of ‘Ask Me…

  • Taylor Swift and Celebrity Sightings

    Ceruti’s observations after Michelle forced him to watch baseball. Michelle’s now a “Swiftie”. Who would would be a better bartender? Plus, they both play a game based on celebrities they’ve been around.

  • Episode 100

    Michelle and Ceruti celebrate the 100th episode by laughing at their takes from the very first show, plus Mike Golic Jr declares a winner in the Candy Draft, they bring back Ten Thousand Frogs with…