Small Talk

  • Meme Wars and 10K Frogs

    In Part 2 of this month’s chat with Ceruti, he and Michelle close out the year with a new edition of 10,000 Frogs, and a “Cool, No One Cares” All-Decade Team.

  • Highlights and Versatile Faces

    It’s Part 1 of our December chat with Ceruti! Topics include: Is 2020 the year that Steve gets highlights? Does Emma Stone have the most versatile face in the world? Plus Steve goes on an…

  • Bernie Miklasz

    This week, Michelle interviews her friend and former co-host Bernie Miklasz for the first time. Come for the story about Roger a Goodell lying to Bernie’s face about the Rams leaving for St. Louis, stay…

  • Steve Ceruti Part 2

    In Part 2 of this month’s conversation with Ceruti, Michelle and Steve wonder … wtf is a VSCO Girl? Is Drake actually Nelly 2.0? Did Michelle have a terrible childhood because she didn’t play videogames?……

  • Steve Ceruti Part 1

    In Part 1 of this month’s conversation with Ceruti, Michelle and Steve wonder … have we closed the book on baths? Is Steve’s ancestor a French murderer? Is the Rock the League Leader in stupid…

  • Megaformers and Larry Hughes

    In this week’s Three Random Things Michelle and her producer, Anthony, talk about the sustainability of Incubus tunes, Mike Shildt winning the NL Manager of the Year award, and Megaformers. Plus, an interview with former…

  • Drunk Shopping and Red Flags

    : Michelle is joined by her friend and colleague Lern from KSHE 95 in St. Louis. Topics include … Gambling with other people’s money, drunk shopping, things you would do in the absence of fear,…

  • The Return of Ceruti: Part 2

    In Part 2 of Michelle’s chat with Ceruti, things take a deeper turn, as they contemplate when morning starts and the night ends, soulmates, and the perfect mimosa ratio.

  • The Return of Ceruti: Part 1

    Description: Our guy Steve Ceruti is back! In Part 1 of their convo, Michelle and Ceruti talk about bad Halloween costumes, Tik Tok, souping up Subarus, and how someone becomes thicc.

  • Peter Rosenberg

    This week, Michelle chats with Hot 97/ESPN NY radio personality Peter Rosenberg. They have a wide ranging conversation that takes them from his career to the Kardashians … to inside Alexander Wang, literally.