Small Talk

  • Pics of an Ex and Saving Private Ryan

    Michelle and Steve share the feedback they got on their Affair Interview, give their movie reviews of Goonies and Saving Private Ryan … + a debate about keeping photos of an ex.

  • Movie Reviews and An Affair

    Michelle and Ceruti did their podcast homework, and give their movie reviews of “Goodfellas” and “The Big Lebowski” … plus, they conduct a compelling interview with someone who had an affair.

  • Will Cain

    Ceruti has a big update from quarantine + Michelle and Steve catch up with ESPN’s Will Cain. They ask Will to curate a dinner party with media members, how he deals with social media hate,…

  • Home Workouts and Movie Misses

    Michelle and Ceruti discuss their at home workout situations and give their “Top 10 Movies we haven’t seen yet that we probably should have that people are pissed off we haven’t seen” lists.

  • Hot Bods and Leftovers

    This week, Michelle and Ceruti discuss the importance of a hot body, linguistics, leftovers and episodes 1 & 2 of the Michael Jordan doc, The Last Dance.

  • Simps and Worst Quarantine Houses

    Michelle and Ceruti are back. Topics this week include …. Fedora etiquette, having a generic face, Simps and curating the worst possible quarantine house.

  • Quarantine Lyfe Part 2

    Part 2 of Michelle and Ceruti’s quarantine chat. Topics include: Tiger King, “Freeballing it”, Party Songs and A+ Quarantine Content

  • Quarantine Lyfe

    Michelle and Ceruti check in from quarantine. Topics include: coping with anxiety, random FaceTime calls and quarantine uniforms.

  • Love is Blind MegaPod

    Michelle and Ceruti spend far too much time talking about the hit reality dating series Love is Blind. We’re talking way, way too much time.

  • Tony Patrico

    Michelle Smallmon sits down with Tony Patrico, one of the members of the popular Rizzuto Show. They discuss how they both judged one another before meeting, the weirdest thing Patrico has autographed, his secret life…