Small Talk

  • A Conversation with Sarah Spain

    Michelle chats with ESPN Radio host Sarah Spain to discuss her career path, wild birthday parties, and that infamous EBay post.

  • Birthday Texts and Fantasy Football?

    Michelle and FreezePops went to a meetup with podcast listeners, and Ceruti big timed the group … It was Michelle’s birthday and one of the guys sent her a great birthday text … Plus, pilgrim…

  • Beach vs. Lake and 10K Frogs

    Michelle and FreezePops check in with Ceruti, who is on vacation at the Cape.They debate lake life vs. beach life, non-negotiables on a yacht, and the best songs to sing … plus an insane new…

  • Top Models and A+ Content

    Michelle is fresh off a trip to New York where she may have kind of found America’s Next Top model, Ceruti is fresh off a John Mayer concert at MSG, while FreezePops is fresh off…

  • Mailbag!

    Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops field questions from listeners … topics include shacking etiquette, WTF moments at ESPN, and how to know if you’re being FriendZoned.

  • Cool, No One Cares 4.0: Summer Edition

    Michelle, Ceruti and FreezePops give their “Cool, No One Cares Power Rankings: 4.0,” and breakdown the most annoying habits of the summer. Plus, conversation of estate sales, deodorant choices and more.

  • White Claws and Forrest Gump

    Michelle and Ceruti are back from Chicago with some observations about guy’s drinking habits and boy bands …. Plus, Are people still getting iced? Is Forrest Gump a bad movie? The group discusses that and…

  • Stale water? And Sacred Sin Updates

    TommyFreezePops and Ceruti are both back from vacation! TFP shares tales from the orgy in Brooklyn, and Ceruti gives us an update on “L.A. Ryen.” Plus, the gang FINALLY does a “Big Little Lies” recap,…

  • A Tribute to The Blues and Young Pageviews

    Michelle discusses what the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Championship means to her city, plus Barstool Sports personality Young Pageviews joins the pod. How his chinchilla Boris turned into a viral sensation and ended up…

  • THE BLUES WON and First Kisses

    The St. Louis Blues are Stanley Cup Champions! Michelle and Ceruti celebrate and rub their victory in FeeezePops face. Plus, a history lesson on grinding and convo about the crew’s first kisses