Small Talk

  • Holiday Treat: Ryen Russillo

    The PSP squad gives you the holiday gift you never knew you needed … their interview with Ryen Russillo. We talk “LA Ryen,” play “Marry, F, Kill,” and pose some personal life advice questions.

  • Mailbag Day!

    The Post Show Pod Squad is back together, and they answer burning questions from the listeners.

  • Breaking up with Netflix and Dianna Russini

    Why do people subject themselves to Turkey Trots? Michelle and FreezePops discuss it, and give this week’s Trending Up/Trending Down …. Plus, ESPN NFL Reporter Dianna Russini joins the pod to reveal some things ……

  • PSP Squad reunites with Danny Kanell

    Our guy Danny Kanell joins the podcast to answer our burning questions. Will he get Botox? How do you ineffectively spit game at actresses? Does he pump up UCF for free swag? That and more,…

  • Cool, No One Cares 3.0: Holiday Edition

    Michelle, Ceruti, and FreezePops are back to give their “Cool, No One Cares” Power Rankings 3.0. This edition is geared around the annoying nuances of the holidays.

  • Ceruti’s Wedding Recap and A+ Content

    The Post Show Pod Squad is back together, with some big life changes. Ceruti gives us a wedding/honeymoon recap and reveals who from ESPN radio was the star of his big day …. FreezePops is…

  • Halloween Candy Tiers and Izzy Gutierrez

    It’s a Halloween-themed episode this week. Michelle and Tommy FreezePops reveal their Tier 1 Halloween candies … What would they do first if they won the Mega Millions jackpot? … Plus “Trending Up/Trending Down” ….…

  • LA traffic is lame and Randy Scott

    We give Tommy FreezePops two minutes to gloat about the Red Sox, and regret it immediately …. Ceruti got married, did he cry at the ceremony? ….. Tom and Michelle get into a heated fight…

  • Robert Flores and Subscribing to Conspiracy Theories

    Kyrie Irving has finally walked back his claims that the Earth is flat. Which conspiracy theories do FreezePops and Michelle subscribe to? The debut of a new feature, “Trending Up/Trending Down”, and a huge life…

  • Tom visits STL and Thoughts on Barstool

    Topics include: FreezePops came to STL, did he like it?, A pop quiz for Ceruti about his upcoming wedding, the Weezer cover of Africa isn’t great, and another installation of A+ Content.