Wellness Matters with Dr. Nepute

  • Episode 29

    Dr. Nepute discusses weight loss and clears up confusion on thyroid function.

  • Episode 28

    Dr Nepute discusses the importance of a healthy body and being aware of your body type to best supplement what your body needs.

  • Episode 27

    Dr. Nepute talks about the importance of losing weight and being healthy to keep your immune system prepared.

  • Episode 26

    Dr. Nepute discusses misinformation and what has been shown to work in the battle against COVID-19

  • Episode 25

    Dr Nepute discusses recent updates in the battle against Covid-19

  • Episode 24

    Dr. Nepute discusses new info on COVID 19 and how boosting the immune system can provide the best defense.

  • Episode 23

    Dr. Nepute discusses COVID 19 and how to boost your immune system

  • Episode 22

    Dr. Nepute breaks down the Coronavirus and how to boost your immune system to combat the virus.

  • Episode 21

    Dr. Nepute about health and what “health” really is.

  • Episode 20

    Dr. Nepute talks about how to boost your immune system and the early stages of the Coronavirus.