The Fast Lane – July 20, 2017 – O.J. Simpson is a free man!

2pm Hour

3:00 – The Cardinals are finding even more ways to lose games, 3:15 – The Blues have a new deal with Colton Parayko, 3:30 – Harry Pavlidis on the future technology of an automated strike zone, 3:45 – Greg Amsinger on the chances of Giancarlo Stanton coming to St. Louis.

Greg Amsinger Interview
Harry Pavlidis Interview

3pm Hour

4:00 – Fight, 4:15 – The Cardinals are the biggest tease of all, 4:30 – Hot Topics, 4:45 – the series with the Cubs could be the make or break for the Cardinals.

Four O'Clock Fight

4pm Hour

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It, 5:15 – Josh Peter on his article about O.J. Simpson’s prison life in USA Today, 5:40 – Sports Six Pack

Take It Or Leave It
Josh Peter Interview

5pm Hour

6:00 – Fast Lane Fill In, 6:15 – What would a Le’Veon Bell holdout do for him and other RBs?, 6:30 – ESPN Chicago’s Jesse Rogers discusses the Cubs’ recent rise and how that could impact the Cardinals’ plans moving forward, 6:45 – Would You Rather

Fast Lane Fill In
Jesse Rogers Interview