The Fast Lane – July 24, 2017 – The downhill slide may be beginning for the Cardinals

2pm Hour

3:00 – The Fast Lane had a great time in Chicago. The Cardinals, not so much, 3:15 – Is this the point where the Cardinals really drop off?, 3:30 – Hot Topics, 3:45 – Keith Law says Yadi has to buy in to what the Cardinals are doing with Carson Kelly.

Keith Law Interview

3pm Hour

4:00 – Doug Armstrong on the Colton Parayko deal and how the expansion of the AHL will help the Blues, 4:30 – We’re a week from the deadline and the Cardinals HAVE to make a move, 4:45 – We know the Cardinals need to deal, but who do they NEED to get rid of?

Doug Armstrong Interview
Four O'Clock Fight

4pm Hour

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It, 5:15 –’s Lou Korac discusses Colton Parayko’s skill and how big his slapshot could be the for the Blues offense in the future, 5:30 – Sports Six Pack, 5:45 – Former Tiger Howard Richards on the recent commitments for MU football and the spark that the athletic dept. currently has.

Take It Or Leave It
Lou Korac Interview
Sports Six Pack
Howard Richards Interview

5pm Hour

6:00 – Fast Lane Fill In, 6:15 – How do the Cardinals manage the Yadi/Carson Kelly situation?, 6:30 – Cardinals Preview vs. Rockies, 6:45 – Would You Rather

Fast Lane Fill In