Karraker & Smallmon – June 30th, 2020 – Big name MLB players have decided to sit out the 2020 season and who could be the Cardinals X factor this year?

7am Hour

7:00 – Some big names in MLB have decided to sit out the 2020 season.

7:15 – How poor with the NFL product be due to COVID-19?

7:30 – MLB Network host Greg Amsinger tells Randy and Michelle who the Cardinals X factor will be this season.

7:45 – “TAKE IT or LEAVE IT” – It’s too early to start listening to Christmas music and will the Brooklyn Nets not play in the NBA bubble?

Listen to the Greg Amsinger interview here!

8am Hour

8:00 – “Fresh Take” – Randy and Michelle discuss Ian Desmond’s decision to sit out this year and his comments about locker room culture.

8:15 – “Blues Booth” with John Kelly. Who will need to step up production for the Blues in this year’s playoffs?

8:30 – “The Fight” – Randy goes 4 for 4 and gets the Jack.

8:45 – Randy and Michelle discuss who will be the Cardinals X factor this season.

Listen to the John Kelly interview here!

9am Hour

9:00 – “Today’s Big Thing” – What would the Cardinals lineup look like with and without Dylan Carlson?

9:15 –  “You’re Killing Me, Smalls” – Women gored by Bison.

9:30 – CBS College Football writer, Dennis Dodd, says college football has no real plan for testing players.

9:45 – The Crossover with Danny Mac

Listen to the Dennis Dodd interview here!