Karraker & Smallmon – May 15, 2020 – Should the Cardinals do whatever it takes to keep Yadier Molina?

7am Hour

7:00 It looks like the delayed start to the MLB regular season has allowed Jordan Hicks to be a real factor for the 2020 Cardinals when the season gets underway. Randy and Michelle talk about what this means for the pitching staff.

7:15 ESPN’s Marly Rivera released part two of her conversation with Yadier Molina yesterday. Randy and Michelle talk about her Q&A, and answer the question: “Should the Cardinals do whatever it takes to keep Yadier Molina?”

7:30 Daniel Kaplan, The Athletic, joins Randy and Michelle to discuss the latest dumpster fire involving the Los Angeles Rams, as Stan Kroenke has asked the league for an additional $500 million to complete his new stadium in Inglewood, CA. That would bring him to $900 million borrowed from the NFL.

7:45 “TAKE IT or LEAVE IT” – Does anyone really need a trillion dollars?

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Listen to the Daniel Kaplan interview here!

8am Hour

8:00 “Fresh Take” – Randy and Michelle continue their conversation on Yadier Molina. Would he really want to finish his career elsewhere?

8:15 Joey Vitale, 101 ESPN & Blues Radio Network, joins Randy and Michelle for their weekly chat on all things St. Louis Blues.

8:30 “The Fight” – Randy reclaims his throne.

8:45 Blake Snell says he will not take a pay cut to play baseball in 2020. Randy and Michelle have one request for Blake – “read the room.”

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Listen to the Joey Vitale interview here!

9am Hour

9:00 “Today’s Big Thing” – The latest dumpster fire for the Rams, Yadi’s future with the Cardinals, and much more.

9:15 “You’re Killing Me, Smalls” – It’s always awkward to talk about what Robert Kraft likes to do for fun…

9:30 Mark Saxon, The Athletic St. Louis & 101 ESPN, joins Randy and Michelle to talk about the future of Yadier Molina with the Cardinals.

9:45 The Crossover with Danny Mac

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Listen to the Mark Saxon interview here!