Karraker & Smallmon – May 19, 2020 – Joe Buck helps us remember the magic of the 2011 Cardinals

7am Hour

7:00 New York, California and Texas are joining Florida and Arizona as states that have given the OK for pro sports to resume in the near future. Randy and Michelle talk about what this means for the sports world.

7:15 Should the Cardinals shift their focus from Nolan Arenado to Francisco Lindor? Randy and Michelle share their opinions on who the Cardinals should target in a trade.

7:30 Marly Rivera, ESPN, joins Randy and Michelle to talk about her wide-ranging conversation with Yadier Molina, Bartolo Colon attempting a comeback, and much more.

7:45 “TAKE IT or LEAVE IT” – Should the Cardinals sign “Big Sexy?”

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8am Hour

8:00 “Fresh Take” – LeBron thinks his style of play would have meshed well with Michael Jordan. Randy and Michelle aren’t so sure.

8:15 John Kelly, FOX Sports Midwest, joins Randy and Michelle for their weekly chat on all things St. Louis Blues.

8:30 “The Fight” – It’s a hard fought battle, but Randy emerges victorious.

8:45 ESPN is airing game 6 of the 2011 World Series as part of their “MLB Classics” series on Tuesday nights. Randy and Michelle take this opportunity to relive the magic of the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals.

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9am Hour

9:00 Joe Buck, FOX Sports, called the 2011 World Series for FOX. He helps us relive the magic of a special season for St. Louis baseball.

9:15 “You’re Killing Me, Smalls” – Why was Reggie Miller so hard to get on-board for “The Last Dance?”

9:30 “Today’s Big Thing” – Who would you rather the Cardinals pursue – Arenado or Lindor? Our listeners share their thoughts.

9:45 The Crossover with Danny Mac

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Listen to the Joe Buck interview here!