Stalter & Rivers – February 13, 2020 – Carlos Martinez is the favorite for the 5th rotation spot & Jeff Albert’s first public comments on the Astros sign-stealing scandal

1 Hour

10:00 – The Cardinals are rooting for Carlos Martinez to earn that final spot in the rotation

10:15 – The latest on Jay Bouwmeester

10:30 – The Astros continue to completely mishandle their current situation

10:45 – Questions & Answers

2 Hour

11:00 – Rockies play-by-play announcer Drew Goodman on the Nolan Arenado trade talks

11:15 – Reaction to what Drew Goodman had to say about a potential mid-season Arenado trade

11:30 – Do you care if Jeff Albert was aware of the Astros sign-stealing?

11:45 – What is Harrison Bader’s pontial at this point?

Rockies PBP voice Drew Goodman

3 Hour

12:00 – What should we expect from the Blues tonight as they take the ice for the first time since Bouwmeester’s heart episode?

12:15 – Do you care if Jeff Albert was aware of the Astros sign-stealing?

12:30 – Another former Pro Bowl QB might be available on the market this offseason

12:45 – The Junk Drawer

4 Hour

1:00 – Carlos Martinez is going to be expected to win the 5th rotation spot

1:15 – We’ve never seen an NFL offseason with this much turnover at the quarterback position

1:30 – Blues analyst Joey Vitale on what we can expect from the Blues in Vegas

1:45 – The Crossover with Randy Karraker

Joey Vitale Interview