Stalter & Rivers – February 6, 2020 – The Cardinals are making a big bet on their young outfielders & the summer of blockbuster trades is only just beginning

1 Hour

10:00 – The Cardinals have made their plans clear… They’re making a big bet. And they need to be right

10:15 – The NL Central is in a unique spot compared to the rest of the NL

10:30 – Fortune favors the bold, and there are opportunities for NFL teams to go that route this offseason

10:45 – Questions & Answers

2 Hour

11:00 – ESPN Senior MLB writer David Schoenfield on the Mookie Betts trade & the Cardinals’ standing within the NL

11:15 – At what point is it reasonable to believe what we’ve seen from Zach Sanford is going to be sustainable?

11:30 – Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo on what he learned from his time in St. Louis & what the parade was like in Kansas City

11:45 – Eli Drinkwitz has brought the energy to Mizzou

David Schoenfield Interview

Steve Spagnuolo Interview

3 Hour

12:00 – Alex Ferrario is back from Blues practice, and he gives us the latest on Vladimir Tarasenko’s return to the ice

12:15 – The summer of superstar trades is only just beginning in the MLB

12:30 – Blues color analyst Joey Vitale on his favorite movie (Pirates of the Caribbean??!), Vladimir Tarasenko’s return to the ice & Zach Sanford’s breakout

12:45 – The Junk Drawer

Joey Vitale Interview

4 Hour

1:00 – The Cardinals are trying to follow the Nationals’ path of winning a title

1:15 – Why is Jimmy G taking the arrows Jared Goff never saw

1:30 – Would you be apt to root for Spags if he got another head coaching opportunity?

1:45 – The Crossover