Stalter & Rivers – March 13, 2020 – How long are we about to be with sports? It might be longer than expected

10am Hour

10:00 – We’re all flying blind on this, but it sure seems like sports might go away for longer than originally expected

10:15 – The XFL has cancelled its season, but the way they did it gave us hope for the future of the league

10:30 – Rudy Gobert was the turning point for these decisions

10:45 – Sports are our escape, and right now we don’t have that access

11am Hour

11:00 – Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post compares this time period to the time after Hurricane Katrina

11:15 – The UFC is the only sports entity proceeding on during this time

11:30 – Everything is on the table for these leagues when it comes to their plans to return to the playing field

11:45 – Stalter says he never watches movies… How many of the top 10 movies of all time has he seen? You might be surprised

Sally Jenkins Interview

12pm Hour

12:00 – Mic Drop: What are you planning to watch without sports on TV?

12:15 – Meanwhile in the News

12:30 – EJ Hradek of NHL Network says everything is on the table right now for the NHL

12:45 – The Junk Drawer

EJ Hradek Interview

1pm Hour

1:00 – Mic Drop: What’s the plan without sports?

1:15 – The XFL has cut its season short. What’s the future of the league?

1:30 – Mic Drop: What are you doing while sports are off TV?

1:45 – The Crossover