Stalter & Rivers – March 12, 2020 – The sports world shuts down in reaction to the spread of the Coronavirus

1 Hour

10:00 – Is Jake Allen forcing himself into the playoff goalie conversation?

10:15 – It’s starting to sound like MLB could suspend operations soon

10:30 – Blues analyst Joey Vitale on the potential for an NHL season suspension

10:45 – Questions & Answers

Joey Vitale Interview

2 Hour

11:00 – David Payne Purdum of ESPN on what an NCAA Tournament cancellation would mean for Vegas

11:15 – Why hasn’t MLB cancelled operations yet?

11:30 – The cancellations are coming in hot & heavy

11:45 – Is the XFL going to cancel the remainder of its season?

David Payne Purdum Interview

3 Hour

12:00 – Mic Drop: What are your thoughts on pro sports leagues suspending their operations?

12:15 – The Cardinals are still playing a game in Jupiter despite MLB shutting everything down. Wait… What?

12:30 – How long are these pro sports leagues going to be shut down?

12:45 – Last night was the breaking point for leagues with a player coming down with the Coronavirus

4 Hour

1:00 – Would college athletes in their senior season be granted an extra year of eligibility?

1:15 – How will these pro sports leagues determine when it’s okay to start playing again?

1:30 – St. Louis Sports Commission President Frank Viverito on what the NCAA Tournament cancellation would mean in St. Louis

1:45 – The Crossover

Frank Viverito Interview