Stalter & Rivers – March 18, 2020 – A possible scenario for NHL’s return, Brady is a Buccaneer & what we can do to help local restaurants

10am Hour

10:00 – We have a possible plan from NHL players on what they would like the season to look like when they return

10:15 – Tom Brady has made a decision… The Buccaneers??

10:30 – Voice of the Blues Chris Kerber says he’s not sure the NHL will be able to return with a regular season

10:45 – Questions & Answers

Chris Kerber Interview

11am Hour

11:00 – If you had one day to do whatever you wanted in STL with no fear of the Coronavirus, what would you do?

11:15 – Shocking audio from Michael Irvin might explain how DeAndre Hopkins ended up on the trade block

11:30 – STL Post-Dispatch Restaurant Critic Ian Froeb says it wouldn’t be a shock if 80 of his top 100 restaurants are forced to close after the Coronavirus

11:45 – We react to what Froeb had to say, and how we can all do our part to help as many local businesses as possible

Ian Froeb Interview

12pm Hour

12:00 – There could be one real consequence for the Cardinals if the season is shortened

12:15 – A STL story we can all get behind & a Florida story we can’t believe is real

12:30 – What character could get these Spring Breakers off the beaches?

12:45 – The Junk Drawer

1pm Hour

1:00 – Danny Mac says he can’t wait for the day baseball can bring us all back to a sense or normalcy

1:15 – Tom Brady’s decision felt like two people who didn’t want to say it’s over, even though they both knew it was time to go their separate ways

1:30 – Bill O’Brien has some real trouble on his hands if this is true

1:45 – The Crossover

Danny Mac Interview