Stalter & Rivers – March 24, 2020 – Jordan Ta’amu has a new home, the NHL is hoping to salvage its season & a shortened season could be significant for the Cards’ pursuit of Arenado

10am Hour

10:00 – Jordan Ta’amu getting signed by the Chiefs is a great sign for the XFL moving forward

10:15 – Double-headers are the talk of baseball right now

10:30 – Jeremy Rutherford says there are some potential nightmare logistics coming for the NHL

10:45 – Questions & Answers

Jeremy Rutherford Interview

11am Hour

11:00 – Is this why Tom Brady moved on?

11:15 – What does a shortened season mean for the Cardinals’ pursuit of Nolan Arenado?

11:30 – Ken Campbell of The Hockey News says the NHL won’t let the end of this season infringe on the 2021 season

11:45 – We react to Ken Campbell’s thoughts on when the NHL could return & what a shortened season would mean for Alex Pietrangelo’s return

Ken Campbell Interview

12pm Hour

12:00 – If/Then… If Matt Carpenter returns to his previous form, then…

12:15 – One of the Cardinals’ biggest questions could be answered by Opening Day getting pushed back

12:30 – We need a ruling on this…

12:45 – The Junk Drawer

1pm Hour

1:00 – Have you ever found yourself in a compromising delivery situation?

1:15 – Jordan Ta’amu moving on is great for the XFL… But what does it mean for the Battlehawks?

1:30 – Are the Patriots tanking for Trevor (Lawrence)?

1:45 – The Crossover