The Bernie Miklasz Show – December 3, 2018 – Nelly pitches Bryce on the Lou.

7am Hour

A huge weekend in the world of football.

The College Football Playoff is officially set.

The Packers have parted ways with Mike McCarthy.

The Chiefs released star running back Kareem Hunt on Friday after TMZ video.

We talk about all of it.

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8am Hour

Is Nelly the right pitch man for Bryce Harper?

We look at the biggest stories from NFL Week 13.

Tony Barnhart joins the program to talk about the College Football Playoff rankings; did the committee get it right?

Plus, Ask Bernie.

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Listen to the Tony Barnhart interview here!

9am Hour

Nelly makes a passionate plea to Bryce Harper on joining the Cardinals.

Bernie thinks out loud about different factors that will come into play as he fills out his Heisman ballot.

Mark Saxon joins the show to talk about his latest column for The Athletic: “The Cardinals need to get over their fear of a one-year rental and do what it takes to acquire Paul Goldschmidt.”

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Listen to the Mark Saxon interview here!