The Bernie Miklasz Show – February 11, 2020 – Mike Shildt has confidence in Carlos Martinez & Craig Berube lacks confidence in Jordan Kyrou

1 Hour

7:00 “Morning Caffeine Rush” – Bernie explains why the Blues’ “Dad’s Trip” is coming at a great time.

7:15 Mike Shildt tells Danny Mac that he’s confident that Carlos Martinez will be in the rotation if he is healthy. Bernie talks about why this makes total sense.

7:30 Will Doug Armstrong get the Blues some help at the trade deadline? Plus, Craig Berube is clearly not a fan of Jordan Kyrou’s game.

7:45 St. Louis had the best ratings of any XFL market in the country. Bernie talks about St. Louis as a “football city.”

2 Hour

8:00 “Bernie Bits” – What the hell does Rob Manfred think he’s doing with this new idea for the MLB Postseason? Is this a sick joke?

8:15 Bernie explains why both Cardinals and Red Sox fans have nothing to complain about when it comes to their ownership groups.

8:30 Will Leitch, Seeing Red Podcast &, joins Bernie to talk all things Cardinals as pitchers and catchers report to Jupiter today for Spring Training.

8:45 RHINO SHIELD MIC-DROPS – If Carlos Martinez is in the rotation to start 2020, what is your confidence level?

Listen to the Will Leitch interview here!

3 Hour

9:00 “Ask Bernie” – If the NFL expands, it’s almost certainly not going to be putting a team in St. Louis. Plus, Rage Against the Machine is coming to St. Louis.

9:15 Bernie believes that for the XFL to truly shine, it needs to take a hard look at who is getting the QB jobs around the league.

9:30 John Kelly, FOX Sports Midwest, joins Bernie for his weekly chat on all things St. Louis Blues.

9:45 The Crossover

Listen to the John Kelly interview here!