The Bernie Miklasz Show – February 12, 2020 – Scary scene in Anaheim for Jay Bouwmeester & Bill DeWitt Jr. joins the show

1 Hour

7:00 Bernie gives his initial thoughts on a scary scene last night for Jay Bouwmeester, who collapsed on the bench last night in Anaheim.

7:15 We hear from Chris Kerber, Darren Pang and more, as they gave us insight into the breaking news last night in Anaheim. We also hear how it all sounded on both 101 ESPN & FOX Sports Midwest.

7:45 Jeremy Rutherford, The Athletic St. Louis & 101 ESPN, joins Bernie to give us the latest on Jay Bouwmeester.

Listen to Bernie's initial thoughts on Jay Bouwmeester here:
Listen to the Jeremy Rutherford interview here:

2 Hour

8:00 Bill DeWitt Jr., St. Louis Cardinals Chairman & CEO, joins Bernie to talk all things Cardinals as Spring Training is only a few days away.

8:30 “Bernie Bits” – We revisit part of our conversation with Bill DeWitt Jr.

8:45 We give more thoughts and perspective on last night’s scare in Anaheim with Jay Bouwmeester.

Listen to the Bill DeWitt Jr. interview here:

3 Hour

9:00 Darren Pang, FOX Sports Midwest, was next to the Blues’ bench when Jay Bouwmeester collapsed from a cardiac episode. He talks about the night with the team, and gives us the latest on Bouwmeester’s condition.

9:15 RHINO SHIELD MIC-DROPS – We hear from our listeners on Jay Bouwmeester: thoughts, reflections, perspective and more.

9:30 We revisit parts of Darren Pang’s emotional interview with Bernie.

9:45 The Crossover

Listen to the Darren Pang interview here: