The Bernie Miklasz Show – January 3, 2019 – Blues switch-up offense in search of scoring

7am Hour

Craig Berube is rearranging the Blues offense in search of scoring.

The Antonio Brown drama continues to swirl in Pittsburgh.

Anthony and Michelle draft their picks for each head coaching vacancy in the NFL.

Plus, “You’re Killing Me, Smalls.”

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8am Hour

Pro football TV ratings are up, yet college football is having problems filling their stadium for the national championship game. Why?

Which team playing this NFL Wild Card Weekend has a realistic shot at winning a Super Bowl this year.

Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic joins us to talk about the Blues offensive struggles.

Plus, “Ask Bernie.”

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Listen to the Jeremy Rutherford interview here!

9am Hour

Baseball free agency is seemingly at a standstill. Why is baseball waiting for Harper and Machado to sign their contracts?

How would Alabama losing change the landscape of college football?

Plus, “NFL Truth or Trap.”

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