The Bernie Miklasz Show – January 31, 2020 – Dick Vermeil reflects on the 20th anniversary of Super Bowl XXXIV, Isaac Bruce’s Hall of Fame candidacy & much more

1 Hour

7:00 “Morning Caffeine Rush” – Bernie explains why animals will be determining his pick for this year’s Super Bowl.

7:15 With the style of hockey the Blues play, let’s keep an eye on them in the coming weeks. Bernie explains.

7:30 Charean Williams, ProFootballTalk, tells Bernie why this year is Isaac Bruce’s best chance at Canton. She also gives her pick for Super Bowl LIV.

7:45 FanGraphs wrote a piece explaining why the Cardinals may have missed a golden opportunity this offseason to take charge of the NL Central. Bernie gives his take.

Listen to the Charean Williams interview here!

2 Hour

8:00 “Bernie Bits” – St. Louis native Bradley Beal was snubbed from the All-Star Game this season, and explains why this is so outrageous.

8:15 Bernie makes the Hall of Fame case for Isaac Bruce.

8:30 Joey Vitale, 101 ESPN & Blues Radio Network, joins Bernie for his weekly chat on all things St. Louis Blues.

8:45 “Ask Bernie” – Which animal do you think would be the best at picking games?

Listen to the Joey Vitale interview here!

3 Hour

9:00 Dick Vermeil, Super Bowl XXXIV Champion, joins Bernie to reflect on the 20-year anniversary of “The Greatest Show on Turf” winning their Super Bowl, Isaac Bruce’s Hall of Fame candidacy and much more.

9:15 Bernie explains why all the pressure is on the Chiefs heading into Super Bowl Sunday.

9:30 Bernie is picking the 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV. He explains why.

9:45 The Crossover

WEB EXCLUSIVE: Momma FreezePops previews Super Bowl LIV. Plus, she explains why Tom Brady will be back with the Patriots next season.

Listen to the Dick Vermeil interview here!
Listen to Momma FreezePops' preview of Super Bowl LIV here!