The Bernie Miklasz Show – January 8, 2020 – Where does Tyler O’Neill fit in to the plans of the 2020 St. Louis Cardinals?

1 Hour

7:00 “Morning Caffeine Rush” – Bernie reacts to the Blues snapping their losing streak, as they beat the Sharks 3-2 last night at Enterprise Center. Plus, Mizzou suffers a bad loss to Tennessee last night in men’s basketball.

7:15 “Blues Review” – Bernie explains why David Perron is deserving of a nod for this year’s All-Star game.

7:30 Where does Tyler O’Neill fit in to the plans of the 2020 St. Louis Cardinals? Bernie gives his thoughts.

7:45 The Los Angeles Rams are starting to look a lot like the St. Louis Rams, as the team is starting to make a lot of questionable decisions.

2 Hour

8:00 Darren Pang, FOX Sports Midwest, joins Bernie for his weekly chat on all things St. Louis Blues.

8:15 “Bernie Bits” – Kerbs and Joey get a little distracted during Perron’s eventual game-winning goal last night on 101 ESPN. Plus, Bernie tells us why the Cardinals are probably not real players in the trade market for Nolan Arenado.

8:30 Bob Nightengale, USA Today, joins Bernie to talk about the latest on Marcell Ozuna’s free agency, and shares some insight on the Red Sox sign-stealing scandal.

8:45 “Ask Bernie” – Why are people fixated on Ozuna over Puig in free agency?

Listen to the Darren Pang interview here!
Listen to the Bob Nightengale interview here!

3 Hour

9:00 “What Else?” – Revisiting last nights big victory for the Blues.

9:15 Bernie tells us why the SEC is still the king of college football.

9:30 Blair Kerkhoff, Kansas City Star, joins Bernie to check-in on the Kansas City Chiefs, as they host an AFC Divisional Round game against the Texans this weekend.

9:45 The Crossover

Listen to the Blair Kerkhoff interview here!