The Bernie Miklasz Show – July 11, 2019 – Tony La Russa and Jason Isringhausen help us celebrate the 2000s as a part of “Flashback Week”

7am Hour

The Blues won “Best Comeback” at the 2019 ESPYs, and Bernie and Michelle took the opportunity to talk about how great Ryan O’Reilly has been for this organization.

Bernie and Michelle talk about why we can’t leave Bill DeWitt off the hook for the Cardinals’ mediocrity in recent years.

We continue our week-long mid-season review of the Cardinals, and today we talk about the Cardinals key position players.

Plus, “You’re Killing Me Smalls.”

8am Hour

Jim Bouton, author of “Ball Four,” passes away at age 80, and Bernie reflects on his legacy in today’s “Bernie Bits.”

We’re celebrating the 2000s today as a part of “Flashback Week,” and Bernie and Michelle take a look back at how far the Blues have come since a dark decade for the franchise.

Jason Isringhausen, 2019 Cardinals Hall of Fame Inductee, joins Bernie and Michelle to help us celebrate “Flashback Week.”

Plus, “Ask Bernie.”

Listen to the Jason Isringhausen interview here!

9am Hour

We hear from our listeners on how much blame they place on Bill DeWitt for the Cardinals’ mediocrity over the past few years.

Bernie and Michelle give their Mt. Rushmore moments for St. Louis sports for the 2000s in celebration of “Flashback Week.”

Plus, Tony La Russa joins Bernie and Michelle to reflect on an incredible decade of Cardinals baseball.

Listen to the Tony La Russa interview here!