The Bernie Miklasz Show – June 6, 2019 – Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 Preview & Kimbrel to the Cubs

7am Hour

Tonight is game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Boston, and we still don’t know if Bruins will be with or without Chara.

The Cubs have Craig Kimbrel to a 3-year, $45 million deal. Why haven’t the Cardinals made a move?

Jeremy Rutherford, The Athletic St. Louis, joins us LIVE from Boston to talk about tonight’s Stanley Cup Game 5.

Plus, “You’re Killing Me Smalls.”

Listen to the Jeremy Rutherford interview here!

8am Hour

Game 5 of Stanley Cup Finals is tonight in Boston, and Bernie and Michelle talk about what the impact of Zdeno Chara’s jaw injury could have on the series.

Bernie and Michelle preview game 5 going through the following categories: What gives us confidence? Player on the spot? What makes us anxious? X-Factor? Prediction?

Darren Pang, FOX Sports Midwest, joins us LIVE from Boston to talk about tonight’s game.

Plus, we hear from Cardinals fans on how upset they are with the front office after the Cubs signed Kimbrel.

Listen to the Darren Pang interview here!

9am Hour

We hear from Bruce Cassidy and Craig Berube on the situation surrounding Zdeno Chara, and then hear from more of our listeners on their anger surrounding the Cardinals front office after the Cubs make yet another mid-season move.

We go “Behind Enemy Lines,” and then talk about other options for the Cardinals’ starting rotation other than Michael Wacha.

Plus, we check in with Linda Cohn from ESPN, who has been championing the Blues nationally for months.

Listen to the Linda Cohn interview here!