The Bernie Miklasz Show – March 1, 2019 – Bryce Harper to Philadelphia: 13-years, $330 million

7am Hour

Blues are back in action tonight. They’re on the road for a tough battle with a talented Carolina team.

It finally happened – Bryce Harper to the Phillies (13-years, $330 million).

Mark Saxon, The Athletic St. Louis, joins us for his weekly conversation on the Cardinals, and talks about how the Harper contract effects Paul Goldschmidt’s free agency next summer.

Plus, “Boiling Point, Part 1.”

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Listen to the Mark Saxon interview here!

8am Hour

Emily Kaplan, ESPN NHL Writer, joins the show to talk about the Blues, and she explains why team chemistry can’t be undervalued when looking at this team’s turnaround.

Bernie explains how one national writer connected “The Babadook” to this year’s Cardinals.

Bernie and Michelle talk about why the Harper contract will have an impact on Paul Goldschmidt’s free agency next summer.

Plus, “Boiling Point, Part 2.”

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Listen to the Emily Kaplan interview here!

9am Hour

The Cowboys announce that Jason Witten will be coming out of retirement to rejoin the team on a one-year deal. How could this move effect Kurt Warner’s broadcasting career?

Don Garber had some interesting things to say to our friend Taylor Twellman about MLS expansion.

Bob Nightengale, USA Today, joins the show to take a victory lap for his November prediction of Bryce Harper-to-Philly.

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Listen to the Bob Nightengale interview here!