The Bernie Miklasz Show – March 17, 2020 – The Ultimate Irishman Bracket of St. Louis sports & Tom Brady leaves New England

1 Hour

7:00 “Morning Caffeine Rush” – Randy is filling-in for Bernie. Randy and FreezePops react to the one of the strangest trades in recent NFL history.

7:15 We debut the “Ultimate Irishman Bracket,” as we determine the top Irishman in the history of St. Louis sports. The field of 16: #1 Jack Buck v. #16 Neil O’Donoghue; #2 Ryan O’Reilly v. #15 Tim McCarver; #3 Jim Hanifan v. #14 Pat McBride; #4 Willie McGee v. #13 Ed MacCauley; #5 Dan McLaughlin v. #12 Mike Shannon; #6 Joe Buck v. #11 John Kelly; #7 Dan Kelly v. #10 Jack Flaherty; #8 Al MacInnis v. #9 Mark McGwire.

7:30 Alex Ferrario, 101 ESPN & Blues Radio Network, joins Randy for our daily visit to the Blues Booth.

7:45 Randy talks about the luckiest moments in the history of St. Louis sports.

Listen to the Alex Ferrario interview here!

2 Hour

8:00 “Bernie Bits” – It sounds like we’re not going to get baseball for a long time. Plus, Tom Brady announces on Instagram that he will not be returning to New England.

8:15 “This Day in Sports History” – Bowling in St. Louis, smoking in Cleveland & and a story about Dizzy & Daffy Dean.

8:30 Will Leitch, Seeing Red Podcast &, joins Randy to talk about life without baseball.

8:45 “Ask Bernie” – Randy tells his favorite Jack Buck stories.

Listen to the Will Leitch interview here!

3 Hour

9:00 “Back Page” – Recapping the top stories of the day.

9:15 The championship bout is set: #1 Jack Buck v. #2 Ryan O’Reilly for the title of “Ultimate Irishman.” We break down the match-up. PLUS, your texts and Mic-Drops on the luckiest moments in St. Louis sports history.

9:30 Patrick Rishe, Washington University of St. Louis, joins Randy to talk about the business of sports during this strange time in America.

9:45 The Crossover.

Listen to the Patrick Rishe interview here!