The Bernie Miklasz Show – March 20, 2020 – Mount Rushmore of St. Louis sports & Brad Underwood joins the show

1 Hour

7:00 “Morning Caffeine Rush” – Randy is in for Bernie. Todd Gurley was released by the Los Angeles Rams, and the list of former St. Louis Rams on the LA roster continues to dwindle.

7:15 Randy gives his Mount Rushmore of St. Louis sports – Stan Musial, Brett Hull, Bob Gibson and Jack Buck. FreezePops gives his Mt. Rushmore purely based off his 18 months in St. Louis – Jack Flaherty, Mike Shildt, Craig Berube and Jordan Binnington.

7:30 Jay Delsing, 101 ESPN & FOX Sports, joins Randy to talk about how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the PGA.

7:45 Momma FreezePops is NOT happy with Tom Brady. She goes on an epic rant.

Listen to Randy's Mount Rushmore of St. Louis sports here!

Listen to the Jay Delsing interview here!

Listen to the Momma FreezePops interview here!

2 Hour

8:00 “Bernie Bits” – Will we see an NBA Finals happen before the NFL season gets underway?

8:15 “This Day In Sports History” – An all-time great Kansas team goes down in the 2nd round in 2010, and a historic day for both Wilt Chamberlain and Wayne Gretzky.

8:30 Joey Vitale, 101 ESPN & Blues Radio Network, joins Randy to talk about the silver-linings of being quarantined.

8:45 “Ask Bernie” – Which athlete or coach has Randy learned the most from while covering St. Louis sports?

Listen to the Joey Vitale interview here!

3 Hour

9:00 Brad Underwood, Illinois Men’s Basketball Head Coach, joins Randy to talk about a disappointing end to a fantastic season for the Fighting Illini.

9:15 MIC-DROPS & TEXTS – Who is on your Mount Rushmore of St. Louis sports? Our listeners weigh-in.

9:30 Mark Saxon, The Athletic St. Louis & 101 ESPN, joins Randy to talk all things Cardinals & much more.

9:45 The Crossover

Listen to the Brad Underwood interview here!

Listen to the Mark Saxon interview here!