The Bernie Miklasz Show – May 2, 2019 – Blues lose game 4, Cardinals win 20th game of 2019 & Jason Isringhausen

7am Hour

Blues lose 4-2 in game 4 to Dallas. The series is now tied 2-2.

We talk about the Cardinals’ 20th win of the season in today’s “Redbird Review.”

Jeremy Rutherford, The Athletic St. Louis, joins Bernie and Michelle to talk about game 4.

Plus, “You’re Killing Me Smalls.”

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Listen to the Jeremy Rutherford interview here!

8am Hour

We talk about how “The Fast Lane” jinxed the Blues.

We debut a new Blues recap segment (title TBD…we’re working on it).

Will Leitch, Seeing Red Podcast, joins Bernie and Michelle to talk about the red-hot Cardinals.

Plus, “Ask Bernie.”

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Listen to the Will Leitch interview here!

9am Hour

Jason Isringhausen, Cardinals Hall of Fame, talks about his induction into the Cardinals Hall of Fame with Bernie and Michelle.

We hear from our listeners on Blues-Stars game 4 after last night’s loss in today’s “Back Page.”

Plus, “YES or NO.”

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Listen to the Jason Isringhausen interview here!