The Bernie Miklasz Show – November 25, 2019 – Are the Cardinals killing their own buzz this offseason?

1 Hour

Bernie talks about the Blues loss to Nashville on Saturday in today’s “Morning Caffeine Rush.”

Mizzou loses their 5th straight game, and Bernie talks about just how bad the situation is in Columbia right now.

Bernie wonders if the Cardinals are going to kill their own buzz this offseason by playing it safe in free agency.

Plus, Bernie dissects Jerry Jones’ postgame comments after the Cowboys ugly game at Gillette against the Patriots.

2 Hour

Last night, Rick Majerus was inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame. His sister spoke on behalf of her late brother at last night’s ceremony. We hear Jodi Majerus’ comments in today’s “Bernie Bits.”

Bernie runs through his “NFL Hurry-Up Offense” for week 12.

Chris Kerber, 101 ESPN and Blues Radio Network, joins Bernie to talk about Nathan Walker, Bortuzzo’s suspension and more.

Plus, “Ask Bernie.”

Listen to the Chris Kerber interview here!

3 Hour

Kenny Albert, NFL on FOX, joins Bernie to talk about Sunday’s NFL action.

We hear from a befuddled Barry Odom in today’s “Back Page.”

Plus, Brad Edwards, ESPN, joins Bernie to recap a crazy weekend of college football.

Listen to the Kenny Albert interview here!
Listen to the Brad Edwards interview here!