The Bernie Miklasz Show – November 26, 2019 – Paul Goldschmidt’s “Offseason Audit” & Blues lose in Nashville

1 Hour

Bernie talks about the Blues loss to the Predators last night in overtime in today’s “Morning Caffeine Rush.”

Lamar Jackson dazzled last night on Monday Night Football. Bernie gives his thoughts on this season’s leading MVP candidate.

Peter Baugh (The Athletic St Louis) joins Bernie to talk about Barry Odom and the latest with Mizzou Football.

Plus, we hear from you – What are the most overrated/underrated Thanksgiving side dishes?

Listen to the Peter Baugh interview here!

2 Hour

Is Drew Lock going to start this week for the Broncos? We talk about it in today’s “Bernie Bits.”

Alex Ferrario (101 ESPN & Blues Radio Network) joins Bernie to talk about last night’s overtime loss to the Predators.

Plus, more of your Thanksgiving side dish thoughts and “NFL Week 12 Overreactions.”

Listen to the Alex Ferrario interview here!

3 Hour

The Blues send down Klim Kostin. We talk about it in today’s “Back Page.”

The subject of today’s “Bernie’s Offseason Audit” is Paul Goldschmidt

Plus, Kevin Seifert (ESPN) joins Bernie to talk Lamar Jackson and all things NFL Week 12.

Listen to "Bernie's Offseason Audit" of Paul Goldschmidt here!
Listen to the Kevin Seifert interview here!