The Bernie Miklasz Show – November 27, 2018 – Doug Armstrong: “We all need to grab a bucket and get the water out of this boat.”

7am Hour

Blues GM Doug Armstrong joins the program at 7:30.

Donaldson is off the market, and we talk about the likelihood of a Goldschmidt-Greinke package coming to St. Louis from Arizona.

Texans make history on Monday Night Football.

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Listen to the Doug Armstrong interview here!

8am Hour

Carolyn Kindle Betz joins the program at 8:30 to talk about the latest in #MLS4theLou.

Barry Odom says he has no interest in coaching at Louisville.

Baker Mayfield wages war with Damien Woody.

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Listen to the Carolyn Kindle Betz interview here!

9am Hour

We revisit the best of our interview with Doug Armstrong earlier today.

Josh Donaldson is no longer on the table for the Cardinals as he signs with Atlanta.

Plus, “The Most Annoying Thing The Rams Did This Week” with Randy Karraker.

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