The Bernie Miklasz Show – November 29, 2018 – Blues fans are fed up with losing.

7am Hour

The Blues lose…again. Bernie and Michelle sound off on the lack of effort they’re seeing from the Blues.

Jeremy Rutherford joins the program to talk about the Blues’ problems.

Bernie and Michelle wonder if the Cardinals can “get it right” in free agency.

Plus, #AskBernie.

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8am Hour

#MLS4theLou has a huge win at the Board of Alderman meeting on Wednesday.

NFL Truth or Trap.

Questions from around the college football landscape.

Plus, a listener take-over of “You’re Killing Me Smalls.”

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9am Hour

Bob Nightengale of USA Today joins us to talk about Josh Donaldson’s offer from the Cardinals, as well as other MLB Hot Stove items.

We revisit more angry Blues fans in another edition of “You’re Killing Me Smalls.”

Plus, Big Ben is acting like Big Ben, so why is everyone upset?

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