The Bernie Miklasz Show – November 4, 2019 – When Wong is your best all-around player, it tells you your team isn’t very good

1 Hour

Bernie talks Wong’s Gold Glove, Blues overtime victories and more in today’s “Morning Caffeine Rush.”

It was announced yesterday that Kolten Wong won his first Gold Glove of his career, making him the only Cardinal of the six-nominated to come away with a 2019 Gold Glove Award. Bernie tells us why this shouldn’t have been his first Gold Glove, and uses Wong’s season as a way to look at where the St. Louis Cardinals need to improve heading into 2020.

The Blues get two overtime victories over the weekend. Bernie talks about this team’s ability to “flip the switch.”

Plus, “College Football Heroes and Villains.”

2 Hour

We check-in with Max Scherzer’s World Series celebration in today’s “Bernie Bits.”

Chris Kerber (101 ESPN) joins us LIVE from Vancouver, where the Blues will be playing on Tuesday night.

Plus, “NFL Hurry-Up Offense” and “Ask Bernie.”

Listen to the Chris Kerber interview here!

3 Hour

Ivan Maisel (ESPN) joins his old friend Bernie to talk all things college football week 10.

Illinois has now won three in a row. We hear from Lovie Smith in today’s “Back Page.”

Plus, a review of the 2019 Gold Glove Awards.

Listen to the Ivan Maisel interview here!