The Bernie Miklasz Show – November 6, 2019 – John Mozeliak joins Bernie: Staying fresh as a front office, improving analytics department & more

1 Hour

The Blues get yet another overtime winner, and we hear some awesome final call from both 101 ESPN and FOX Sports Midwest in today’s “Morning Caffeine Rush.”

The Cardinals give contract extensions to John Mozeliak, Mike Girsch, and Mike Shildt. Bernie explains why these extensions should come as no surprise to Cardinals fans.

Bernie breaks down Binnington’s big night in today’s “Blues Review.”

Plus, Bernie also digs into yesterday’s Cardinals press conference, talking about the team retooling the analytics department.

2 Hour

Bernie breaks down the first ranking of the College Football Playoff committee in today’s “Bernie Bits.”

Bernie talks about why the Cardinals’ payroll is going to dictate how the team spends in free agency this offseason.

Carolyn Kindle Betz and Lee Broughton of MLS 4 the Lou joins Bernie to discuss the latest news surrounding the team: A vision for a “soccer stadium district” in St. Louis.

Plus, thoughts on Jeff Albert, as we hear from both Bill DeWitt and John Mozeliak.

Listen to the Carolyn Kindle Betz interview here!

3 Hour

One day after his contract extension was announced, John Mozeliak, St. Louis Cardinals President of Baseball Operations, joins Bernie on the phone. He talks about continuity in the front office, confidence in Matt Carpenter, and more as we head into the MLB offseason.

John Clayton joins Bernie for his weekly chat on all things NFL.

Plus, we talk about another crazy win for the Blues in today’s “Back Page.”

Listen to the John Mozeliak interview here!
Listen to the John Clayton interview here!