The Bernie Miklasz Show – September 5, 2019 – Pitching Changes Aplenty & NFL is back!

7am Hour

Bernie rants about why he loves not having an NFL team he HAS to watch every Sunday in today’s “Morning Caffeine Rush.”

We talk about the Cardinals’ 9-8 loss to the Giants in today’s “Redbird Review.”

Sean Kelley, voice of college football on ESPN Radio, joins Bernie for his weekly visit with the show.

Plus, Bernie explains why we shouldn’t be too hard on the Cardinals’ pitching after last night’s loss.

Listen to the Sean Kelley interview here!

8am Hour

Bernie gives an update on the Rams lawsuit in today’s “Bernie Bits.”

We preview the NFL season this weeks edition of “Truth or Trap.”

Will Leitch, Seeing Red Podcast and, joins Bernie for his weekly Cardinals chat.

Plus, we hear from our listeners on why they are ambivalent about the Rams leaving town.

Listen to the Will Leitch interview here!

9am Hour

We talk about Lord Stanley’s day as a tourist in St. Louis in today’s “Back Page.”

Bernie talks about the Cardinals’ 9-8 loss to the Giants.

Plus, Trey Wingo of ESPN joins Bernie to preview the 2019 NFL season.

Listen to the Trey Wingo interview here!