The Bernie Miklasz Show – September 6, 2019 – Dakota Hudson throws another gem

7am Hour

Bernie talks about a boring opening night in the NFL in today’s “Morning Caffeine Rush.”

Dakota Hudson throws another gem, and we talk about it in today’s “Redbird Review.”

Howard Richards, Mizzou Tigers Radio Network, joins Bernie to talk about Mizzou’s home opener against West Virginia this Saturday.

Plus, “Boiling Point.”

Listen to the Howard Richards interview here!

8am Hour

We hear a marriage proposal from a caller on The Paul Finebaum Show in today’s “Bernie Bits.”

Bernie talks about just how good the Cardinals pitching staff has been at Busch Stadium this season.

We debut our new weekly college football segment where Bernie runs through his “Saturday CFB Menu,” talking about the food and games he’ll be consuming this weekend.

Plus, “Ask Bernie.”

9am Hour

Kevin Harlan, Westwood One, had the call of the NFL’s season opener last night in Chicago, and he joined Bernie to talk about the boring contest between the Bears and Packers.

We talk about Lord Stanley hanging out with the Blues Angels in today’s “Back Page.”

Plus, our weekly Cardinals chat with Mark Saxon of The Athletic St, Louis.

Listen to the Kevin Harlan interview here!
Listen to the Mark Saxon interview here!