The Fast Lane – August 9, 2019 – The Cardinals Are Getting Ready For A Light Schedule, And How Do They Approach September Call Ups?

2pm Hour

3:00 – Don’t get duped! The Cardinals schedule is about to get easy

3:15 – Is head coaching in the NFL all about a good relationship with the QB?

3:30 – Hot Topics

3:45 – Cardinals Spanish play-by-play broadcaster Polo Ascensio on “Play Ball” and the Cardinals struggles

3pm Hour

4:00 – Four O’clock Fight

4:15 – Are Cardinals fans just plain spoiled?

4:30 – The NCAA wants NOTHING to do with sports wagering.

4:45 – What is the Cardinals’ best option for the 5th rotation spot?

4pm Hour

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It

5:15 – Do you feel like the Cardinals are deflated? Greg Amsinger agrees.

5:30 – Sports Six Pack

5:45 – John Clayton on Antonio Brown’s refusal to play and Patrick Mahomes’ potential in 2019-2020

5pm Hour

6:00 – With All Due Respect

6:15 – Danny Mac on the Cardinals after the road trip, his Los Angeles sickness and September call-ups

6:30 – What is the “breaking point” for calling minor league players up?

6:45 – Would You Rather