The Fast Lane – June 16, 2020 – Rob Manfred Looks Really Bad Right Now. Plus, Is Tupac Still Alive?

2pm Hour

(AP/Gregory Bull)

2:00 – Rob Manfred and the owners are looking really bad right now

2:15 – Reasons there will absolutely be a 2020 MLB season

2:30 – What’s Trending?

2:45 – Meat thinks Tupac is still alive. What conspiracy theories are you into?


3pm Hour

3:00 – Keith Law breaks down the Cardinals 2020 Draft Class and what makes the Cardinals’ farm system so successful

3:15 – Teach Us Tuesday

3:30 – Does Joey Vitale believe Elvis and Tupac are still alive?

3:45 – The COVID numbers don’t seem to be slowing down. What does this mean for sports?

Keith Law Interview

Joey Vitale Interview

4pm Hour

4:00 – The Gauntlet

4:30 – Is it a good or bad idea for MLB players to be vocal right now?

4:45 – Would You Rather

5pm Hour

5:00 – Scott Miller on Rob Manfred’s comments and how bad MLB looks for standoff

5:15 – What parts of a 50-game season excite you?

5:30 – Sports Six Pack

5:45 – More Teach Us Tuesday!

Scott Miller Interview