The Fast Lane – June 25, 2020 – Miles Mikolas Is Ready To Play Ball. And Name His Boat.

2pm Hour

2:00 – So about the DH… The Cardinals have some options

2:15 – Dylan Carlson’s service time is a major topic in St. Louis

2:30 – How will MLB service time change in future CBA?

2:45 – Sports Six Pack

3pm Hour

3:00 – We want baseball to market players better… Is there really any way of doing that?

3:15 – It’s Time To Huddle Up

3:30 – What’s Trending?

3:45 – Miles Mikolas on his health as baseball returns, naming his boat and more.

Miles Mikolas Interview

4pm Hour

4:00 – Gauntlet

4:15 – Chris Kerber on the return of hockey and the team that could give the Blues the most trouble

4:30 – Convince me to spend my money

4:45 – The Dylan Carlson service time conversation will tear this town apart

Chris Kerber Interview

5pm Hour

5:00 – Let’s round out the Cardinals roster

5:15 – What do you miss about sports that you never thought you would?

5:45 – How will MLB try to monitor and control players on the road?