The Fast Lane – October 18, 2018 – The Blues are lacking effort and urgency.

3pm Hour

3:00 – The Blues Panic Bus is warm and revved up!

3:15 – The Red Sox are one game closer to the World Series.

3:30 – Hot Topics

3:45 – NHL Network analyst Mike Johnson on the Blues’ slow start and Jake Allen’s issues in net.

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Mike Johnson Interview

4pm Hour

4:00 – Four O’clock Fight

4:15 – Is it a big deal, or nah?

4:30 – Joe West: Your 2018 ALCS MVP.

4:45 – Benjamin Allbright on the chances that St. Louis gets the Chargers.

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Four O'Clock Fight
Benjamin Allbright Interview

5pm Hour

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It

5:15 – POBO Mo is lighting a fire under Marcell Ozuna.

5:30 – Sports Six Pack

5:45 – Kyle Elfrink answers your fantasy football questions.

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Take It Or Leave It