The Fast Lane – October 31, 2018 – It’s Halloween, and we’re talking nightmares.

3pm Hour

3:00 – Bad football teams are everywhere, and this is what they are made of.

3:15 – How will the free agent market treat Josh Donaldson this off-season?

3:30 – Hot Topics

3:45 – Injury Expert Will Carroll says he isn’t concerned about Marcell Ozuna’s recovery whatsoever.

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Will Carroll Interview

4pm Hour

4:00 – Four O’clock Fight

4:15 – The Cardinals added new coaches, so what will change?

4:30 – Sports Six Pack

4:45 – SLU’s leading scorer Javon Bess talks about the team’s pre-season #1 A-10 ranking.

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Four O'Clock Fight
Sports Six Pack
Javon Bess Interview

5pm Hour

5:00 – Take It Or Leave It

5:15 – Mic Drop: What sports moment haunts you the most?

5:30 – Breaking news: DJ Durkin fired as Maryland Head Coach

5:45 – The Athletic’s Stewart Mandel on the firing of Durkin and what comes next for Maryland.

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Take It Or Leave It
Stewart Mandel Interview

6pm Hour

6:00 – With All Due Respect

6:15 – What If….

6:30 – Mike Sando on the Rams legitimacy and which trade deadline move will have the most impact.

6:45 – Would You Rather

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Mike Sando Interview