The Kevin Wheeler Show: December 3rd, 2018 – Nelly’s on the Bryce Harper case

10am Hour

10:00 — The Playbook

10:15 — Did the CFP committee get it right this time around?

10:30 — There’s no excuses this time around. It’s time for the Cardinals to go all-in on Plan A

10:45 — Is it time to. add another team to the group of 5 in the NFL?

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11am Hour

11:00 — News or Noise

11:15 — It’s not likely to happen… But what if the Cardinals *did* get both of their top options? Where would that put them among the top contenders in the NL?

11:30 — Is a bid in the Memphis bowl disappointing for Mizzou?

11:45 — The Refresh

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News or Noise

12pm Hour

12:00 — Bob Nightengale (USA Today)

12:15 — The Radio Chat Room

12:30 — The NFL is back in the news for all the wrong reasons

12:45 — The Crossover

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Bob Nightengale Interview