The Kevin Wheeler Show: January 4th, 2019 – The Blues looked great! But Wheels isn’t buying it.

10am Hour

10:00 — The Playbook

10:15 — The NFL playoffs are here. Can any of the teams playing this weekend break a six-year drought?

10:30 — Matt Bonesteel (Washington Post)

10:45 — If a great offensive mind is the most important quality for a head coach in 2019… Does Kliff Kingsbury make sense in the NFL?

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Matt Bonesteel Interview

11am Hour

11:00 — More Likely to Happen

11:15 — Do the Cardinals have a prospect in 2019 who could make the type of impact Flaherty & Bader did in 2018?

11:30 — Football Pick ‘Em

11:45 — Ryan O’Reilly’s All Star appearance is a reminder of how things have gone wrong for the Blues

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12pm Hour

12:00 — The Refresh

12:15 — The Radio Chat Room

12:30 — Do these NFL playoffs feel more wide open than usual?

12:45 — The Crossover

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