The Kevin Wheeler Show: November 30th, 2018 – Does Mike Moustakas make sense for the Cardinals?

10am Hour

10:00 — The Playbook

10:15 — What did last night’s game mean for the NFC playoffs?

10:30 — Craig Edwards (Fangraphs)

10:45 — If JK is ready to call this Blues team out, we could be in for a longgggg season

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Craig Edwards Interview

11am Hour

11:00 — Everyone agrees there’s pressure on John Mozeliak. Now we get to see how he responds

11:15 — Football Pick ‘Em

11:30 — The Moose train is rolling, and it’s starting to feel like the momentum we typicallyhear before the Cardinals make a move

11:45 — While the NFL looks for innovative offensive minds, college football is reverting back to old school coaches

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12pm Hour

12:00 — The Refresh

12:15 — The Radio Chat Room

12:30 — Max Bultman (The Athletic)

12:45 — The Crossover

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Max Bultman Interview