The Kevin Wheeler Show: October 25th, 2018 – It’s time for the Blues to make a stand

10am Hour

10:00 — The Playbook

10:15 — The Blues need to make a stand for Mike Yeo

10:30 — Chris Raybon (The Action Network)

10:45 — It feels like the wrong people are being punished for the College Basketball fraud case

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Chris Raybon Interview

11am Hour

11:00 — Does it make more sense for the Cardinals to make one huge move, or a number of smaller moves?

11:15 — Ask Me Anything

11:30 — Ben Heisler (Fantasy Sports Markets)

11:45 — It’s really hard to watch this World Series and not think the Cardinals are quite a ways away

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Ask Me Anything
Ben Heisler Interview

12pm Hour

12:00 — The Refresh

12:15 — The Radio Chat Room

12:30 — If the Blues don’t get things on track during this 7-game homestand, things could get ugly

12:45 — The Crossover

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